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May 21, 2020
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Build Your Garden With Lumber Leftovers

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Serious and amateur gardeners alike have needs for some structures in their gardens. Sure you can go out and buy what you need, but where's the fun in that? Scrap wood you have laying around might work perfectly well.One easy project, a coldframe, can be built with bales of hay and scrap lumber. Enclose the outside areas with bales of hay. Fill the center with dirt, leaving room for your plants to grow. Put together a clear top with old, framed windows or scrap lumber and glass to let the sunlight in. Now you have a working coldframe that will extend your growing season. Birds and bunnies, as cute as they are, will dig up your seeds or chomp on your leaves and vegetables. Scrap wood and some netting will work nicely as a screen to protect your fruit and vegetables while still letting the sun in.Peas and beans need support and a trellis built out of wood posts or bamboo sticks will support either of them. A wood trellis or tepee in your garden also looks nice and certainly more natural that what you can buy from a store.Always great to have, a compost bin can be built from rot-resistant cedar slats. Leaving gaps between wooden slats lets air circulate around the pile and keep odors away. Or you can use wire fencing wrapped around wood support posts. Raised beds can benefit a garden by allowing you to use good soil and compost to grow your plants in. Using scrap wood to build your raised beds is inexpensive. Another benefit of raised beds is being able to reach weeds and cultivate without having to bend over so far.Potting tables are fantastic for tending to your seedlings and for potting your favorite plants. Using wood, such as old pallets, you can build an inexpensive potting table to suit your needs and keep your gardening tools and pots handy.A garden bench made from scrap wood will be a lovely place to sit in the shade and enjoy your flowers and vegetables on a summer afternoon. Get creative, and don't forget to sand it well!Many gardeners have more vegetables and fruit than they know what to do with when the warm weather sprouts everything at the same time. After sharing some with the neighbors and filling your freezer, a solar dryer made from scrap wood will save your harvest for winter. The sun will do all the work for you and will save more of the nutrients than canning or freezing.Creating your own garden structures to suit your needs can be less expensive, more rewarding, and certainly more interesting than buying the alternatives. Take a look at your scrap pile, or pick up some scraps inexpensively at your lumber store, and see what you can create.


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